Support Services

We take pride in providing our clients with professional technical and service support from initial consultation and planning through to launch and beyond. You will be guided through the stages of deployment by an experienced and dedicated project manager and client service team.

Platform & Database Hosting

We take care of all your platform and database hosting requirements. All platforms are hosted at our highspeed internet data centres where they are constantly maintained and administered by our experienced and professional system administrators and technical staff. Secondary back-up and redundancy solutions are provided by our second mirrored data centre which is connected directly to the first by high-speed fibre optic cable using multiple direct connections to the internet backbone.

In addition to our two main European based data centres, we have also deployed multiple connected and mirrored servers at datacentres around the world in order to provide our clients with a powerful content delivery network solution complete with load balancing and replication technology to maximise ad-delivery and click processing speeds. In the event of an outage or hardware failure systems are re-pointed to operate from the secondary data centre to minimise downtime and provide a reliable redundancy solution.

All data is securely managed with access to data rooms protected by both RFID and numeric code. Visitors access is regulated by identity check and pass release, only escorted by the internal staff. Intrusion detection system based upon combined usage of presence detectors, volumetric sensors, contact sensors on fixtures and vibration detectors, backed up by external and internal video surveillance system. Our data room is controlled by a temperature and humidity monitoring system and powered by 2 twin power centres connected by Static Transfer Switch. Dual redundant Power Distribution Units for each rack cabinet with separate buildings for power centres and batteries/UPS. Auto locking of fuel supply line to power generators in case of fire detection with Auto fire-off nitrogen system.

We maintain a 24/7 Human presence in the Network Operation Centre with Instant failover to the NOC of the secondary data centre in case of problems on the local NOC. An automatic Fire and smoke detection system positioned both under the floating floor and above the ceiling. Our datacentres are officially certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Tier IV.

Content Delivery

Our content delivery network for our affiliate program management and performance marketing software utilizes a sophisticated advanced Ad Server network that has been designed, deployed, administered and balanced across multiple data centres around the world to ensure the highest level of redundancy and fastest possible response times. Upload, update and manage your advertising media in real time across your entire network to ensure current promotional messages and offers are being used by affiliates and benefit from detailed performance reports that give you vital information about your advertising materials.

The integrated Ad Server supports a variety of media options including image banners, html5 content, dynamic content, popup ads, text/html, mailing creatives, RSS feeds, and offline coupon/code tracking with the ability to filter advanced reports to show productivity, conversions and ROI across your entire media channels. The Ad Server is fully integrated within the affiliate platform providing administrators and affiliates direct access to wealth of information including tracking activity and performance to provide them with the important information they need to maximize revenue production and commission earnings.

Administrators can set custom landing pages for specific creative or creative categories, directing referrals to designated pages for the best possible conversions. The integrated Ad Server allows administrators to define custom parameters for building deep links or advanced handling of requests client-side.

Technical Services

Our systems infrastructure and functionality are of paramount importance to our business which is why we assembled a professional in-house team. We do not outsource any aspect of our business and take pride in providing a full-service solution to our clients. Our technical services team are highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable and vastly experienced with all aspects of systems administration, platform design, hardware architecture, database development, content delivery, data management and software programming.

We pro-actively administer our Managed platforms to ensure all systems are functioning correctly and performing efficiently at all times. Core software updates and new feature developments are deployed at bi-annual intervals to ensure that all our platforms benefit from the latest technology and solutions so that you are in-turn able to provide your affiliate marketing partners and business administrators with resilient and reliable systems.

In addition to addressing any hardware or software maintenance and administration requirements by way of our comprehensive and unparalleled standard service level agreement, our technical services team are also available to advise and support our clients during normal business hours. Enterprise platform clients have direct access to our technical services team to develop, integrate, deploy and support bespoke service solutions to your exact business models and specifications. Whilst we are confident that our software platforms cater for almost every requirement, we appreciate that some clients may have specific requirements which will require custom modification and unique dedicated support services.

Ongoing Support

Our client services support team will be on hand at all times to make sure you and your staff are always fully prepared when operating your new affiliate platform ensuring the system is operating 24 hours a day.

Our vastly knowledgeable and experienced technical team combined with our dedicated client support team provide our licenses with a professional support service as standard. We provide 24/7 unlimited access to our online Knowledge Base where each section and feature of the platform is explained in detail. Simply click the Knowledge Base link from any section of the platform and the corresponding KB pages will be automatically displayed.

Our team are also on standby to assist you with all your questions and requests via Live Chat and Support Ticket services and provide 24-hour emergency support. We offer on demand support and a variety of discounted monthly included support time packages to suit all requirements.

If you require any further information, please contact us.