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Affiliate Software Franchise
Our affiliate software licensing business is a proven successful model for franchise partners world-wide. We provide full training, professional business support, industry leading software platforms and technical services. Our franchise partners have the best opportunity to earn long term revenues from all new business generated. The affiliate marketing industry continues to grow each year across multiple verticals. Ever growing online advertising costs sees many business operators turning to the affiliate program marketing model where the marketing partners they recruit can earn commission from the revenues that they generate. Business operators pay only a percentage of the profit making the affiliate marketing industry the ultimate efficient marketing channel. Backed by over a decade of knowledge, experience and success our affiliate software franchise partners benefit from a full turnkey solution and proven successful business model. For more information, please visit www.affiliatesoftwarefranchise.com

Total CRM is a complete helpdesk and customer relationship management platform that allows for single operator internet businesses and teams to organise and manage contacts, clients, email support tickets, tasks, live chat support services, user monitoring and much more from an intuitive back office management platform. View and manage your website traffic in realtime, provide live chat support and manage all contact and client communications. Report on all your support channels to enable you to optimise and manage your communication operations from a single back office platform. For more information, please visit www.total-crm.com

XSales is a stand alone web based invoice management platform that allows for the creation and management of sales invoices through a unique multi layer platform that enables operations and processing to users, managers, admins and accounting staff. Combined with a lead assignment and sales tracking module, XSales automatically calculate sales commissions and provides commission payment management.

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